Ola Graduate Fellowship program

I truly believe this is India’s decade, our moment in the sun, an opportunity to build our future. This is the dawn of ‘Amrit Kaal’ for India and will be led by the young India developing the technologies of tomorrow. Our generation is destined to be the architects of change, shaping the future with unwavering resolve and purpose.

At Ola, technology is in our DNA and we are focused on building businesses of global impact out of India, for the world. We are making significant investments in R&D to push the envelope in science and technology. Our vision is to take this spirit of world-class technology development beyond our own immediate business needs and work alongside the brightest researchers in the country. 

At Ola, we are fully committed to make India the leader in technology paradigms of the future – Energy, EVs, AI and digital tech. We will contribute towards the mission of making India a hub of these future technologies. We believe that the potential for us to shape the future is immense and we are working hard, with a strong commitment to make the impossible possible. As part of this commitment, we are excited to announce the Ola Graduate Fellowship program. Starting with a fellowship for AI researchers at IIT Bombay, this program will span across engineering disciplines and will be open to students studying in leading institutions in India and will be open to students of the BTech, Dual Degree, Masters and PhD program. 

AI will transform everything, effecting broad and meaningful change and defining the future paradigms of economy and culture.  Being the fastest growing economy with a young  population, India has a significant stake in the AI revolution. To make this dream a reality we need to envision India’s computing stack silicon upwards, we need to invest in cutting-edge research in natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning.

At Ola, we want to continue contributing towards the mission of making India a hub of future technologies. We will invest whatever it takes to build the world’s strongest capabilities in India and drive the Viksit Bharat journey to achieve our goals and dreams through technology.