‘If you’re looking for the future, stop looking for it. Make it.’
13 years of Revolution!

With India poised to become one of the largest economies globally, the next decade holds paramount importance in realising this vision. It is India’s moment in the sun, and it is our collective duty to dedicate our efforts to navigate through this transformative journey. Our generation is destined to be the architects of change, shaping the future with resolve and purpose.

As we celebrate Ola’s 13th foundation day on December 3rd, 2023, I feel proud to reflect upon our journey of building products, technologies and solutions for India at speed and scale. We have pursued our instincts, evolved our vision and explored uncharted territories. From our humble beginnings in 2011, to becoming India’s largest ride hailing company and now a next-generation technology group, our journey has been very enriching. 

Your support in Ola’s vision has helped shape a thriving community and ecosystem of which is dreaming about a brighter future of India. Together, we are writing the next chapter in our journey, and I am proud to build this with you. 

Ola revolutionised urban mobility by making it available on-demand for over a billion people across 3 continents. Today, Ola continues to move the world to sustainable mobility through its ride-hailing platform as well as through advanced electric vehicles manufactured at our Futurefactory. We are making the impossible possible with our upcoming Gigafactory, which we believe will be a significant leap in India’s journey towards becoming a global EV hub. 

I strongly believe that India can be the leader in the technology paradigm of the future- energy, EVs, AI and digital tech. At Ola, we want to contribute towards the mission of making India a hub of these future technologies and are already creating very large businesses in all of these paradigms. We are building a full stack AI for India, we are developing  advanced cell and battery technology, building next generation electric vehicles and redefining the future of logistics and commerce.  

I truly believe we haven’t come this far only to come this far! Let us continue to dream the impossible, and then make it happen!