Introducing कृत्रिम (Krutrim) Chat Assistant – a generative AI assistant, truly Indian at heart

At Ola, we have taken upon ourselves a big mission to build India’s computing stack with कृत्रिम India’s own AI for the 1.4B+ Indians that is unique to our cultural context, connecting our future to our roots. There are very few moments when technology emerges with a potential to profoundly impact both the economy and culture. And this is the moment, it will be the beginning of a new era of computing in India.

कृत्रिम assistant is envisioned to be your own personalized assistant which can simplify your personal and professional life, by getting a variety of tasks done for you while keeping the aesthetic sense and sensibilities of the Indian ethos. 

Today, we are excited to announce the Beta launch of कृत्रिम Assistant, a generative AI assistant, built on our very own Foundational Model. Indian at heart, and trained from scratch on over 2 trillion tokens, it is our first step towards our product journey and building our nation’s own AI.

कृत्रिम Assistant works as your personal generative AI assistant that can help on a variety of creative and knowledge retrieval tasks, as it interacts with the users in 10+ Indian languages! You can write an email, seek information on topics of your interest, learn new skills, plan your travel or learn a new recipe, to name a few.

What makes the कृत्रिम Assistant unique is its ability to perform these tasks in a variety of Indian languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati and even Hinglish. Eliminating the limitation of language as a barrier , कृत्रिम Assistant is equipped to get information and evolve into a truly personalized AI assistant for every individual in India.
And this is just the beginning  कृत्रिम Assistant Beta launch is our first big leap towards building India’s own AI computing stack! 

We have been successful in making India’s first generative AI assistant and our Beta product rollout aims to make it even better through the collective feedback of our users. In the initial phase, you may observe that the assistant’s responses are not consistently precise or a few times when these answers are noticeably wrong. In the AI parlance this is called hallucination. Such hallucination instances reduce over time with extensive user feedback. Our firm commitment is to gather all your feedback, and utilize the same to swiftly enhance the assistant’s capabilities and precision.

We are determined to create state-of-the-art AI models which are a true representation of India, built on a thorough understanding of our cultural context. Regular product upgrades and the addition of new features are on the horizon to enhance the utility of the कृत्रिम assistant, while preserving the unique ethos of India.

With AI defining the future paradigms of economy and culture, it is important for our nation to take leadership in AI. Currently, India is at ground zero of a massive AI revolution, and it is our generation’s destiny to make our country the global AI hub. This endeavor holds significant scientific and national importance. Your support and constructive feedback are invaluable in accelerating India’s AI development.
Let’s embark on this journey together that will go down in history as a moment of national pride!